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NSMB - need input on my next bike

Oct. 19, 2014, 6:02 p.m.
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Oct. 19, 2014, 6:33 p.m.
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Yes this, or try and get your hands on a legend I have both of these bikes super fun.

Oct. 19, 2014, 6:41 p.m.
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i have never heard of any issues with the Process,s my son has a 153 and it,s been mint same with my 2013 model


Oct. 19, 2014, 6:49 p.m.
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that kona 167 probably woud fit the best as well, for small stature. besides being great bikes, some of the shortest chainstays and probably the best standover out of any company. both big plus' for smalls.

Oct. 19, 2014, 6:52 p.m.
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Carbon frames terrify me, and I don't know what the rest of your post means! What's a zee?

Im sure google image searches will bring up all sorts of cracked frames, from all sorts of manufactures, made of all sorts of materials

FYI I have a carbon road frame/post/fork, carbon DH bike with carbon wheels, steel HT with carbon bars and carbon wheels.

I've been on my Kona for the last 7 years, and it had 7" in the rear. How much of a loss do you guys think it be to go down to 6 (170), considering that this would be my DH bike? The Delirium I'm looking at has 170mm and that's the sticking point on that bike for me.

Process 167 = 6.6"

I did ask the owner and head mech at my LBS about the cracking issue, they told me it has been resolved for the 2015 bikes.

Always is, until it isn't.

Hahah, always with the scathing funny! I am trying to learn more about the mechanics of the thing, but mostly I let the mechanic take care of it. I know it's wrong and bad and pathetic, but we are all good at our own special things and suspension is not my special thing. ;)

I have been looking used, around the $2000 -$2500 point, something preferably not older than 2011, unless it's the awesomest thing ever. The only new bike I am considering is the Process 167 because Kona will help me out with it due to the cracking of my old frame. I simply can't justify spending 5 or 6 grand on a bicycle, especially when I aready have 4.
Decent size small used bikes are not the easiest things to find. Mostly they belonged to kids who thrashed the crap out of them, or to women, which is fine but then they usually are more AM bikes.

Okay, this thread is useless without pics!

But for non-joking now, sounds like your getting hooked up with a deal so looking for jalopies online is pretty much a waste of time.

The Process 167 looks like a good bike, don't get me wrong. But how many 167mm travel bikes do you need? If memory is correct, the Reign X is around the same travel. The Process likely gives up very little going up and across and could smoke the Reign X on the downs all while probably weighing less as well. I'll guess that the ReignX sees little saddle time afterwards.

My DH bike only sees Whistler, because it actually is useless to ride everywhere else, and I'm fine with that as I have two other mtn bikes to ride when Im not at the bike park.

Why slag free swag?:rolleyes:

ummm, as your doctor i recommend against riding with a scaphoid fracture.

Oct. 19, 2014, 7:08 p.m.
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The only piece of carbon I know will for sure be on the bike you'll be getting is a carbon brace in the linkage:

Even if you crack it, doing so shouldn't result in a crash.

The cranks on the 167 might be carbon, but SRAM's naming conventions confuse me too much to say for certain.

Considering you mentioned you mostly want to ride this bike in the Bike Park, and Whistler will be closed until after February, you can probably survive with what you have at the moment.

How do you know so much about mountain bikes? I heard you were a cross racer.

only 35 but still beat the 30-39 BC cup Champion 4 out of 6 races

Oct. 19, 2014, 9:01 p.m.
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How do you know so much about mountain bikes? I heard you were a cross racer.

do you even ride, bro?

Oct. 19, 2014, 9:30 p.m.
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PUNKY, I am not a fan of carbon frames because I was riding in Whistler with a friend of mine when his frame broke. It just splintered into a sharp spiky mess and I have no idea how he avoided getting eviscerated.

I did say that "time will tell" in regards to the cracking issues because I am a skeptic like that.

You are probably completely correct about the Reign seeing little use after a 167 enters the scene, especially if it's lighter. Could you blame me though?

As for the lack of pictures, you know I love to post all sorts of f-ed up photos, but I pretty much forgot how to do it.

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