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Needle Bearings

Jan. 1, 2019, 9:12 p.m.
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Has anyone experimented with needle bearings on the shock (top/bottom) mounts as aftermarket installations? If so, from who?

I know the new RM Slayer uses them, but I'm not sure what else. They apparently replace the shock bushings and should be a push in installation.

Jan. 2, 2019, 8:36 a.m.
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I used these on some previous bikes back in the day.  I found they worked quite well, but werent all that durable.   The best thing I ever used were some spherical bearings that Cane Creek used to use on some of their eyelets.  They lasted much longer than the needle bearings I tried from RWC.  The durability will have a lot to do with the application (suspension design and type of bike/usage).

Jan. 2, 2019, 9:01 a.m.
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I did the top bushing on my old air shock . you could feel the difference. It cycled smoother , not sure on life span I have since swapped shocks and never did the bushing swap.

Jan. 5, 2019, 4:55 p.m.
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I bought these for the upper mount of a RS RC3Plus  on my Troy. It is a noticeable improvement. I haven't had them for very long so I can't say anything about longevity.

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