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MEC = Dangerous

May 28, 2009, 10:52 a.m.
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i just want to thank Couch_Surfer and the others who have presented logical arguments here why maybe this isn't something to get all worked up about.

sorry Drew, I don't have time to reply in detail to your post directed to me. but if you honestly believe that the DNV would listen to some of these NGOs, that makes me laugh. DNV mayor and councilors are smart enough to realize that shutting down riding would be political suicide.

i will continue shopping at MEC and i certainly won't feel bad about it. i have had nothing but good experiences with them over the years.

May 28, 2009, 12:29 p.m.
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6512 Allan Brookes Nature Centre - Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program: Strategic Planning
7000 Cetus Research and Conservation Society - Straitwatch Outreach to Kayakers in Johnstone Strait
5000 Canoe Kayak BC - Mamquam River Access Fundraiser
8000 Living Oceans Society - How Climate Change Affects the Ocean and BC Coastal Communities
5000 Society for a GE Free BC - Public education and outreach on genetically engineered crops
5000 World Wildlife Fund Canada - Pacific Region/Vancouver Office - WWF-Canada Young Leaders Program
5338 Denman Island Conservancy Association - Central Park Trail Development
3000 DreamRider Theatre Society - Keep Cool! A play about climate change
5000 Squamish Access Society - Squamish Climbing Stewardship Strategy
4000 LifeCycles Project Society - Home is Where We Live - Spring Ridge Commons Permaculture Food Garden
4000 Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society - Monkman Pass Memorial Trail
3000 Alberni Valley Outdoor Club - Alberni Inlet Trail
15000 Sierra Club of Canada - BC Chapter - Mobilizing British Columbians to Save the Flathead Valley
10000 Galiano Conservancy Association - What a Marine Life
10000 SeaChange Marine Conservation Society - EcoRowing Environmental Education Program
10000 Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition - Sacred Headwaters Education/Outreach 2008
10000 Dogwood Initiative - Coastal Oil Tanker Campaign
14420 Klabona Keepers Society - Klabona Fisheries Research
10000 BC Spaces for Nature - WildED Program - The Outdoor Classroom
10000 Peace Valley Environment Association - Keeping the Peace
14000 Watershed Watch Salmon Society - Farmed salmon-wild salmon disease interactions
10000 British Columbia Creek Protection Society - BCCPS Run-of-River Awareness Program
10000 Professional Environmental Activists Association - Professional Environmental Activists Association
2322 Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team Society - Capacity building for species recovery and restoration in Garry oak ecosystems
9676 Cetus Research and Conservation Society - Straitwatch Outreach to Kayakers in Johnstone Strait 2009
50000 Nanaimo [HTML_REMOVED] Area Land Trust - Mount Benson Acquisition Project
22500 Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition - Get the Shell Out!: SWCC Capacity 08-09
25000 Sage Centre - on behalf of Green Legacies - Green Legacies Online Training Project
6500 TLC The Land Conservancy of BC - Vancouver Island/Coast - Conservation Holidays
6950 Perry Ridge Water Users Association - Perry Ridge Ecological Reserve - Valhalla Park Extension
25000 Dogwood Initiative - Dogwood Capacity Building: Database Upgrade and System Integration
10000 YMCA YWCA of Greater Victoria - Camp Thunderbird - Camp Thunderbird Youth Sea Kayaking Equipment Upgrade
12000 Association of Mayne Island Boaters - Pumpty Dumpty II Project
500 Raincoast Education Society - Raincoast Explorers - Children and Youth Environmental Education
10200 The Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia - Protecting Land, Carbon and Communities
3000 Kimberley Nature Park Society - Kimberley Nature Park Trail Guide
15000 Smart Growth BC - The Sea-to-Sky Greenbelt Initiative: A Smart Growth Legacy
35000 Carrier Sekani Tribal Council - First Nations Conservation Strategy
15000 Educo Adventure School - Educo Experiential Wilderness Programs
9280 BC Nature - formerly Federation of BC Naturalists - Expanding Awareness and Protection of IBAs in BC

I kinda doubt that 15K was directly MTB related ,there is a degree of seperation here ,I am betting that 15K went specificly to anti-coalbed methane initiatives for which MEC gave us 45K up here

The whole list is very green/anti resource development and 15K is a spit in the bucket … IMO you would have a more valid reason to boycott MEC if you were in the petro industry

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