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I have one already.  I liked it better that the luftkappe as I don't run volume spacers.

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I just bought a Debonair cartridge for the Pike, retails for $42 if you're looking for cheap...

Can you expand that a bit (Luftkappe vs Debonair upgrade)? I have the Luftkappe in my 2017 150mm Pike and love it... but I want to put in a 160mm air shaft which would be the new Debonair.. was debating whether to swap my Luftkappe over or try the Debonair.

I run one bottomless token with the Luftkappe (used to run 2 stock), 108psi, rebound 4 from closed, LSC 9 from closed.

At the time, as stock I was not running any volume spacers. Installing the luftkappe reduces the volume of the positive spring equal to a spacer and adds it to the negative side. So by reducing the positive volume, increasing the negative volume and running less pressure as recommended, I felt the fork was too soft in the beginning and to stiff at in the end. 

The debonair spring adds negative volume via a hollow shaft and does not reduce the positive volume. I just prefer the debonair piston, higher pressure and no spacers.

Gotcha, that is fair, I didn't realize the design difference. Maybe it was a typo, but Vorsprung recommends more PSI (and 1-2 less tokens) with the Luftkappe not less pressure. 

Ended up finding just a 160mm airshaft for $40CAD so I picked that up as I'm happy with the Luftkappe.