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Hey NSTP, Pike on a Remix?

Aug. 15, 2006, 12:03 p.m.
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NSTP I'd like your opinion. Would you say the Remix frame can take some abuse? I'm not talking about freeriding but CBC, Seymour type riding with some moderate drops and jumps as well as A-line all day 3 times a year.

It looks to have the same geometry and build as the Guzzler and Magma from 2005 but without the headtube plates. I'd like to get a frame or cheap (low end) Remix and put my own parts on it, notably a Pike or Z1@150mm/ETA and coil rear shock.

I'm a pretty smooth rider. Would this be a bad idea?


Aug. 15, 2006, 1:33 p.m.
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Cove Peeler For Sale, cheap.

Aug. 15, 2006, 2 p.m.
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Its fine.

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