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2021 - Full Suspension Bike Thread

Sept. 14, 2021, 8:25 a.m.
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Posted by: Ddean

Im using every mm of the travel, which is a shock to me, and Ive even jacked the rear pressure 10% or more over recommended. It feels a bit harsh on smaller fast hits but I think that I can dial most of that out by reducing tire pressure a bit (running 30 now, probably go to about 25).

Have you played around with the number of tokens/volume reducers in your shock?  I experienced the same thing with my Kona Process, which has a similar suspension platform, and going from 2 tokens to 2.5 tokens was enough to allow me to run the recommend pressure and reach the bottom of the travel less frequently (although I will say that with either set-up I've never felt a harsh bottom out, but the o-ring on the shock told me I was using all the travel on even mellow trails).

Sept. 16, 2021, 10:36 a.m.
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Ddean, same story on my Patrol, using more travel front and rear for same trails than I did on my previous bike (was also 160/160 but with a Fox 36/DHX2 coil factory). Overall I am happy with the fork feel though, might try a bit less HSC as I have gotten sore hands on longer descents. Shock feels a bit muted/wallowy if that makes sense, I am on about 30% sag, might try a bit more pressure, although I'm at 285psi so not much room to go up. Some fork/shock volume reducers I ordered on eBay just came in so I'll crack both open and see what's in there already, Fox says they ship the 38 with 3, and these trunion X2's can only take 2 which is way less than the conventional mount X2's strangely.

Spent a day shuttling Diamondhead in Squamish and am really impressed with the bike on some of the steeper trails off the top there, the slack head angle and beefy fork/29er front give so much confidence, no feeling of going over the bars at all and no need to hang ass off the back. Just really fun to ride.

FYI I saw someone on PB weighed a large aluminum Spire XT stock without pedals and it was 36.4lbs, so 0.3lbs more than the Patrol XT.

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