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Rage, chaos and crashes are ignored realities of life in the biking mecca.

June 16, 2022, 10:43 a.m.
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Posted by: SixZeroSixOne

Posted by: heckler

slow down, or it'll be your fault.

I actually kind of agree with this one.  I can see speeding down a long hill in the loops and surprising a driver turning across the bike lane, when there was no bike, suddenly one there.

Hmmm, very little real detail to be able to draw any conclusion as the cyclists speed hasn't been reported ie was he going significantly faster than other traffic?

I bet the speed limit for the road isn't 20kmh so the fact that he may have been on the right side of that concrete barrier (ie on the cycle path) shouldn't excuse the truck driver from looking properly before turning...

(Of course, if the rider was doing 70kmh and the road speed limit was only 50kmh, then I'd be inclined to cut the driver some slack...)

Indeed not much detail in the article about the situation and (AFAICS) no picture of the actual location where the accident happened.

Fully integrating cycling into infrastructure planning and design is the best way to prevent this kind of accident. From the pictures that cycling path looks like it was literally added as an afterthought. I see this all the time here, cycling paths are being added but no thought is given at all to the points where cyclists and vehicles interact. Even with separated cycling paths, there will still be turn-offs where vehicles will have to cross the cycling path. There are all kinds of measures you can incorporate in a design that help to warn and slow down both the vehicles and the cyclists. This kind of stuff has been figured out for decades already, city planners just need to look at how it's done in countries where cyclists are treated as primary road users.

Of course, even then, accidents can happen and cyclists must ride defensively. Always assume drivers can't see you unless you've made eye contact.

June 16, 2022, 4:11 p.m.
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From reading a reddit thread, it's a separated bike lane but due to a construction site, dump/water trucks are turning right off the road and crossing the multi-use/bike path. IMO construction company should've had to pay a flagger to be at the crossing during operating hours as a cost to their benefit of having the most efficient site access location.

20km/h speed limit on a 7% grade descent is ridiculous for bikes.

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