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GPS tracking Devices

Nov. 23, 2017, 11 a.m.
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Anyone have a suggestion for a good GPS chip or tracking device for bikes

Nov. 27, 2017, 10:40 a.m.
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I have TrackR chips but TrackR and Tile aren't real GPS devices. They are crowd GPS devices.  Most of the chip ones are.  They rely on someone with the TrackR app on their phone (and the phone having GPS) being within range of your tile so the app only shows the GPS coordinate of the phone that pinged your TrackR.  I originally bought them to put on my dogs collars but when I realized the chances that if the dog got lost on the Shore there is almost a zero percent chance that someone with the app that will be in range in the forest who will also have cell reception.  The good dog collars that have GPS tracking usually rely on some sort of SIM card technology which means that there is a monthly fee on top of the purchase price.  The other option are ones that rely on blue tooth that communicate with another device.  So if you come within 300' of your stolen bike then you get notified.  Not really ideal either.

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