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Feb. 16, 2017, 12:58 a.m. -  ZigaK

#!markdown I'd be interested in a poor mans version of 1+1=n+1 (2017 edition). Just to make clear what I mean by poor mans version, let me present my 200x -ish edition: road bike, that transforms to a commuter, gravel, cyclo cross, travel, racing bike and everything in between up to and including light xc without any modifications except cleaning and lubing it up for race days. And there's the other one, mtb hardtail, that covers everything from travel, xc, dh, am bike down to commuting, without any modifications except droping the seatpost and changing the tire pressure and attire. The emphasis on cheap bikes (cheap to buy and maintain) and no modifications except for the ones that cost less than a spare tube 🙂

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