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Jan. 28, 2015, 9:35 a.m. -  disqus_Hbf4dqGs7y

#!markdown I'd have to agree with most of what was shared by your contributors. And Seb's question/comments at the end may ring loudest for me. Im 45 next month and have been a chronic magazine buyer/reader since I was sitting on drug store floors memorizing everything I could from the BMX Plus, BMX Action or Motocross Action or Dirt Wheels or…..mags while my mother did the purchases. Now….what was once (only a few years ago) a 20 dollar a week periodical habit has shrunk to zero dollars. My internet connection is vital to my income earning, so my monthly service provider bill feels free of charge to me. I imagine you media folk are under a great deal of pressure to keep pumping out material for your websites with no natural time frame to work in like back in the monthly publication days. Regurgitating the same press releases amongst you can't help your integrity rating from us olds, but I am sure it helps keep the site visitations numbers up. NSMB enjoys a level of authenticity and maturity (sorry if that last one is a bad word) in my MTB world of riding and reading as it has almost always provided an original and or inside perspective for me to enjoy between work and rides.---and back in the day, you closed the forum for a bit to stop the hating….if I remember correctly….so in my mind you have also been a responsible social force. Please continue asking the questions of your industry and yourselves, cuz that is what is separating you from the temporaries thriving in the, "infancy or honeymoon" phase of our online experience.

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