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Jan. 28, 2015, 10:09 a.m. -  Vineet

#!markdown You guys in west are still lucky that you get first hand info on the new stuff that gets out in the market and even before it becomes a rage. I have been "trying" to run a mountain bike magazine since last 5 years in a country where mountain biking is still in developing stage… just like what most of you must have seen or experienced sometimes in early 90's. We are in somewhat similar stage. Its exciting at the same time (all thanks to the internet) when we also get to see what all stuff is happening in the west. Riders throwing double back flips, a $9000 mountain bike and reviews done by other websites. It really inspires me and people helping with this magazine project. To some extent i do agree on the above mentioned article. Same articles/press releases floating around websites etc. At the same time I admire the way how readers follow whatever a famed magazine or website writes about a particular product (me being one of them). Having said this… I also feel that our sport has been commercialized so much that the Industry might not be faithful to the riders out there. The amount of stuff sold with help of MBA gimmicks is just mind blowing. Show a bike with new wheel size and claim it better than the other stuff. "The story is FORCED TO GO VIRAL" on social media = success. It is very sad to see that now many companies rely on these numbers / social media followers only in order to support a project, event, or even a magazine! What really pisses me off is that these scripted questions are put by MBA's who does not even own a bike - does not ride but still works in the bicycle industry and is made incharge to deal with riders! (Atleast this is what is happening in my country). Common questions I have faced by MBA people running the bicycle industry in India: 1: How many followers your project has? 2: Lets talk numbers and then we will decide. 3: What do i get in return? (Well this is still acceptable) 4: Push the sales… Push the sales! Meet your sales target Or leave the job. ( I actually experienced this when I used to manage a bicycle store for a company which claims "Sport for all, All for sport". 5: Is it a mountain biking race in the mountains?? Well we prefer something in urban area. Sorry we cannot sponsor your event. …. It only gets worse. Oh.. did I mention that the Cycling Federation of India discourages riders to participate in private races which are not affiliated with Cycling Federation of India. However, we're still here and doing what we really love and with lot of hopes. Hope the dedicated people can lend some support here? I reckon my statements are becoming futile now… so maybe you can check the scene yourself. Positive or Negative honest feedbacks are welcome at: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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