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Jan. 28, 2015, 12:06 p.m. -  Amanda

#!markdown Well said. Brilliantly said, actually. As a rider, writer, reader and watcher, I want to connect. Just like the strip club scenario presented above, a connection doesn't happen instantly. MTB media: stop selling us the rom-com version of mountain biking. It doesn't happen. We want to be immersed in feeling. Engage us. The false byproduct of a flashy video is just that: false. I'm left feeling empty and connectionless. Bike media should be of a sort that fulfills the viewer when we can't get out and ride, or leave and adventure, or experience the World Cup for ourselves. We want to experience the sounds, the colors, the smells and the excitement; we are mountainbikers because of what we feel when we ride. nomdeplume hit it right on the head: "Slow it down. Make it count."

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