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Jan. 28, 2015, 1:07 p.m. -  Tom

#!markdown I fully agree with the no comments remark from Joe Graney. I have thought about this before and comments don't help anyone really. People are just to quick to put there views across on the internet. Comments just act as that quick shock value to get attraction and interest. A bit of titillation for what could be boring content. On some sites they are just seen as a joke, somewhere the trolls can play. I used to ride with someone, until I found out he put comments on PB just to wind people up and ever since then I have just lost all respect for him. I am not saying that all reads should be dictated to. In fact useful views should be encouraged. But the reader would have to make an effort. I would see it that at the end of each piece of content there would be a link to send an email to the site. Then any useful e mails could be published at the end of the week. The good thing about print is that there are no comments, it just a shame that we are all to impatient to wait for print. There is some really good content on the bike Internet, but I am just not one for staring at a screen and the good stuff seems to get lost.

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