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Jan. 28, 2015, 3:23 p.m. -  NatBrown

#!markdown And I disagree with it, as well as your assertion that comments don't help anyone. I don't disagree with you that a lot of comments are crap though, but I find it easy to skim over those and with reasonable regularity find comments that help me shape my own view, even on that most notorious MTB website. I can see why Joe said that though. He must have had to deal with so much dumb shit about things he's poured a lot of time and effort into. Here's one thing that I think is really important and would like you to consider: As a reader you should ALWAYS make an effort. Critical thinking is one of the most important traits us humans ever developed. Blind indoctrination is the root of some of our biggest problems, as well as some of the smallest, such as having to wade through mindless comments on a website. I also think your idea of an edited comments section would not work because of the extra work for people running the site, and opens up the possibility of censorship.

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