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Jan. 28, 2015, 4:38 p.m. -  David Simons

#!markdown Well, I don't expect much from the media, rightly or wrongly. Like the news in general, I just want a large volume of reports and articles availble to go through quickly as and when it suits me, and then read more deeply those that catch my interest. We can be quite selfish, us readers… Oh, and all those "we went up this mountain bro, poignant music in the background, look how cool I am yet I'm so rad!, I get paid for this but why is it so little 'cos I'm a star" type videos bore me stupid; living the dream means riding your bike around the same old trails as always, not web surfing endless videos of other people riding bikes. And, as for the comments that readers/watchers 'contribute', well jeez…I mean, just look at this one for example: I'm writing, but I know I'm just wasting everyone's time, particularly my own.

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