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Jan. 28, 2015, 9:06 p.m. -  Steve Storey

#!markdown Fantastic work Cam and Seb. I agree with so many of the sentiments in here. Seems like a lot of websites these days are quick to post anything to their front page and quite often I find myself wondering why it was there in the first place. Not to say it was a bad video or anything but I feel front page should be reserved for news, interviews, stories, and videos that stand out. Videos definitely have their place up there but not unless they're newsworthy or at least have some sort of back story to them along with a few photos and words. What Mark Jordan and Shawn Spomer said really hit home with me. I'm not a professional writer by any means but I have done a few features in the last couple of years for print publications as well as photo blogs with video on trips I've done. The amount of work it's taken to organize trips, shoot photos and video, write articles and blogs, and then present it for viewing is quite intense. Compare that to POV footage of a gnarly crash or some other click bait and it makes me wonder why bother putting so much time into packaging well thought out words, images, and video when it probably won't equal the same views or virality. I always come to the same conclusion though and realize that those things don't necessarily indicate success as Bagheera so eloquently pointed out. As long as I can make an impact and connect with the viewer in a quality way, I call that a success. I'm currently working on finishing up a project with a few people about a 6 week bike trip that we did to Central America last Spring. We'll be presenting a slide show with some words as well as a 13 minute video at the VIMFF next month. Once that's shown I'd be glad to write up some new words presented alongside some photos and the video for NSMB if you guys are interested in posting it. Cheers guys and keep up the good work!

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