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Jan. 29, 2015, 9:09 p.m. -  kidwoo

#!markdown God damn, if spomer wasn't married……I'd so tap that ass. It's a bit of a navel gazing question as a premise because let's be honest; riding bikes in the woods for fun doesn't NEED a media. It was fun before the internet and magazines and still is if you completely ignore those outlets. The media component is just one grain in a mobius strip that gets known as the 'industry'. People rode bikes before it, and in spite of it because the activity happens to strike a chord in part of what makes an enjoyable life. It's already been said on this page but the closer content tends to brush that fact without patting its own back within its own little mtb universe, the better, more memorable and profound it becomes. It's just a matter what an outlet's goal is…..adverts or things people actually will care about. The fact that you're even asking the question shows which side you want to fall towards. You guys do about the best job out there. Seriously. Keep it up, nsmb is an asset. And seb's comment about the moto media is its own little cautionary tale.

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