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Jan. 10, 2017, 7:19 a.m. -  t.odd

#!markdown WORCA's position is that we are advocates for non-motorized mountain bike recreation and we consider e-bikes motorized. We are not necessarily against them in all places, however in our area we managed, maintain and build trails for non-motorized users and all of our new authorized construction is for non- motorized users, and we ask that the public respect that. Most of the trails we managed will have this reflected on the signage over the coming season. Personally I tend to agree with Dave's assessment, that there are places they shouldn't be looked at as a problem, but there are many busy, mixed-use areas that should remain steadfastly non-motorized, much like there are places and trails that should remain no bikes. The fact remains imo, existing advocacy groups and clubs should not be expected by the industry and e-bike proponents to be responsible for any potential negative ramifications that lead from increased popularity of these devices.

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