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Feb. 11, 2015, 8:03 a.m. -  tw

#!markdown There is a difference between "breaking the law" or building unauthorized trails and attempting to injure someone with the outcome possibly being severe or life threatening. Driving over the speed limit is lawbreaking technically, where cutting the break line on the car is quite a bit more. I think anyone who threatens the life and or safety of another human being needs a real wake up call. Vandalizing (sanctioned) trails when no one else is looking demonstrates a total lack of character and courage. If those two feel so strongly about their actions and position they should stand up and own this like a couple of adults, whatever the cost. Funny how they aren't so proud of their actions when it's all brought to light in a public way. That alone tells the tale. Comparing all this to right of way issues is ridiculous. In a decade on that mountain: no conflicts. What is wrong with you?

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