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Feb. 11, 2015, 12:59 p.m. -  Actar

#!markdown Trespassing on private property and building trails is actually breaking the law… so is riding those trails. Don't get me wrong, where I live, many of the trails are not legal, but we still use them and land owners more or less turn a blind eye until their interests become involved. Very few places are as fortunate as North Van to have municipal support as strong and sanctioned as those trails are. This is in NO way legitimizing trail sabatoge, and to a significant degree I do agree with the loam ranger, but we have to keep things in perspective. In the 4 years that I have been riding north van trails, I have never once had any kind of confrontation with other users… yet I can't count on my hands and toes the number of confrontations I have had riding trails in the interior… largely revolving around equestrians. That all said, I do believe it is commonly accepted that on multi-use trails, cyclists yield to hikers, and both of them yield to equestrians. I have seen signs stating this in virtually every multi-use trail system I have used, and I do believe I've seen similar signs stating the same (maybe minus the horses in some caes) at quite a few multi-use areas in the lower mainland.

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