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Feb. 11, 2015, 6:30 p.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown 1) Why do people who disagree with me always start with "I don't know if you're being serious or not"? Am I really that funny the rest of the time that it is confusing when I make a serious point? 2) Amanda's suggestion was that if I am "sick and tired" of reading articles articles on that I feel are taking a statisicatal anomoly of an interaction and flogging it to the detriment of our community I should "regarless of [my] personal feelings on this matter" not read/comment about it. As far as I'm concerned, and I think I explained it adequately, that's an invalid suggestion. I think it behooves members of the riding community to speak out against the sensationalization of this situation. 3) I think (my opinion) that the "Fighting Frommers" was a debacle from every perspective except comments/views on, which apparently was not the goal of the article(s). I thought, wrongly, that it was a learnable moment. 4) I'm not sure if your down-talking the creative writing abilities of the NSMB team, or don't realize how very interesting some of the people you can meet on the trails are if you stop to say hello, but I think you guys can do WAY, WAY better than just chasing the same sensationalized crap that we're reading from everyone else on this subject. If you're worried about views just use a title like "Loam Ranger Shreds Province's SHIT article on 'War In The Woods'" or "Peace In The Woods - What The Vancouver Sun Doesn't Want You To Read."

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