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Feb. 11, 2015, 7:18 p.m. -  Lee Lau

#!markdown The Hiker vs Biker story was more than a debacle. It was terrible. Like I said though, I'd hoped NSMB had learned from it. The two editorial pieces, "Granny and the Booby Traps" piece and this piece aren't that much better. Sure if you want to generate controversy that's fine and hey its up to you guys to dress up what you want on the front page. However, with those two pieces, what NSMB has done (and very successfully at that) is steer the narrative towards War in the Woods. You can rationalize it all you want and I'm sure you will but on the one hand you've got Cam preaching the (IMO correct) message of we can all get along. The on the other hand you're publishing these us against them opinion pieces. It's really too bad. The Saboteurs Husband was such fine work product but then you have to go and undermine it with inconsistent dreck.

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