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Feb. 11, 2015, 9:02 p.m. -  Will

#!markdown I'd rather not look for vengeance here. Mountain Bikers and Hikers need to be on the same page, and need to be brought together rather than have a wedge driven between them. Without having access to the details of the case, or any other information than what an interested person might have of the case, I hope due justice is served. Jail time is probably unnecessary, and it seems like her husband's European businessery (pardon my snarkiness) has provided them with an adequate financial cushion. An ideal verdict, in my opinion, is to punish *and* rehabilitate the offender, as well as offset damages incurred, so what do people think of a fine, a donation to trail maintenance, a temporary ban from the trails until suitable community service has been performed -- say, volunteering for local bike organisations, or assisting with trail building efforts (including removal of sabotaged TTFs which pose a public danger to riders who might otherwise attempt them).

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