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Feb. 11, 2015, 9:40 p.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown How does this piece, in your opinion, add anything to "exposing the discourse that is used to twist issues and stories" beyond the, as Lee noted, well written and original piece The Saboteur's Husband? How many such articles and editorials would you prescribe for the situation before "manipulative, careless, and purposive actors like the Kraals" are fully exposed and the 99.99% of folks (my number) can get on with it? In the meantime this whole "Killer Kraals" boondoggle - and the thrice edited saga of When Hikers Attack, and it's sequel Rabid Riders - is doing the rest of us a HUGE dis-service. When I read DNV Mayor Richard Walton's musings about coming up with ways to further segregate user groups on Fromme (i.e. limit who is "allowed" to use what trails) and I think how a few selfish JERKS* and, frankly, the exposure they have gotten in the media is going to impact the rest of us (hikers, bikers, runners, dog walkers = Frommers) that really makes me question how important fully fleshing out this whole situation is… she's not laying sticks on trails anymore and she's be shamed nation wide -- can we call that enough and keep the trails as is? *I recognize that everyone is a JERK sometimes and that none of these people (including the Kraals) are likely jerks all the time.

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