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Feb. 11, 2015, 10:21 p.m. -  Jro

#!markdown I am wondering why the story with the biker and the hiker is being wrote off as a debacle. We still don't know what happened besides she said she said, each claiming that they were the victim with no real meat and potatoes of what happened. Did the older lady came up to the girl aggressively trying to knock the phone out of the girl’s hand or hit her? Or was the girl flying down the trail like pacman and just happened to make contact with the older ladies hand inflicting the wound? The girl and NSMB did lose some credibility when they left out the bite in the first place but, when the older lady wrote a letter in barely stating her side of the story and saying nothing more than she was the victim, and that’s it all is said and done, move on? Now people are claiming the Trail Sabotage topic to be a dead horse and move on. Shit is going to happen and this is shit but “moving on” is nothing more than burying your head in the sand and coming out when the world is full of gummy bears, giggles and kittens. The Kraal's did something that could have seriously hurt people, just because their actions did not result in injury (YET) doesn’t mean there actions should just be blown over. I am not suggesting Mrs Kraal spend the rest of her life in jail but to simply move on and forget about it isn’t going to make the world right again. This may be a dead horse to some, but to many it’s not, and this happened in the NORTH SHORE against MOUNTAIN BIKERS so why should an e-zine called NORTH SHORE MOUNTAIN BIKING move on and not cover this, Cam and crew keep going on with this, people want to know even the naysayers do; otherwise they would not be posting replies.

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