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Feb. 12, 2015, 11:30 a.m. -  Jordan Tesluk

#!markdown Good comments Nat. Of course we are coming from different perspectives, but I totally respect you objectives. Nonetheless, the lessons learned here about the impact of images are important and ephemeral. I don't prescribe to being passive while others use media and imagery as a weapon, and paint riders in a poor light. My objectives were to expose some of the specific tools used by the extremist NIMBY's so they can be effectively called out and countered. Both groups (riders and their critics) should note that stereotypes and the skew of the press can cut both ways. A bit of controversy may be good. I doubt that anyone wants to be seen as either an angry saboteur, or as a reckless rider for that matter. Up to now, the trail-saboteur faction (the army of 4 or 5 it seems) has operated with impunity, cloaked in a facade of civility. I believe it takes more than a court case to strip this away, as shown in their attempts to employ that same facade in their defense. Awareness of what lies behind the image, and public outrage against anti-social and dangerous acts is a lasting and potent product of this case. The controversy draws attention, and is it fades, it will indeed be people like Cam and LeeLau that form the face of the MTB community. I think they have really "upped their game" in the wake of this case. I don't see Loam or my own writing taking away from their good work in any way. Think of it as a good cop-bad cop routine if you like (even if neither side thinks they're in it together). The saboteurs are called out openly for what they are, and their phony claims to victimhood. Then the voice of moderation (which originates from the MTB community) emerges to effectively outline the proper course of future relations in the woods. I think this works well, and am grateful for their good work. I will be happy to let my keyboard rest once the case is closed, and happily defer to the good judgement of our existing ambassadors.

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