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Feb. 12, 2015, 12:39 p.m. -  Cam McRae

#!markdown We posted the call for VIS in response to a request Nat. As far as the mainstream media goes, I'm not sure if you have been paying attention, but in every instance we have said repeatedly stated, THERE IS NO WAR IN THE WOODS. On National and Province-wide radio and in every newscast we have been involved in, we have honestly related that the trail users we speak to, of all stripes, are clear that conflict between users on the Shore is rare. I have also been consistent in saying I have no desire to see Ms Kraal go to jail.Obviously I have no control over this, but when I asked my opinion that is what I have said. You also may recall that the Kraals went to the media to suggest that charges against them were overblown. Should we have kept quiet about the document we found that suggested otherwise? What would you have done with that information? I also think your comments on balance are misplaced. We have probably had more comments disagreeing with our moderate approach than those calling us out for sensationalism. The piece above provided what we felt was a different perspective on this situation, and one that reflected the views of many, perhaps even a majority of our readers. We are not an advocacy organization; we are a media outlet. Unlike Fox News our agenda isn't about skewing what we see in the world to forward our personal views. As far as opinion pieces go, we firmly believe that differing opinions deserve to be heard. I could easily ignore voices, like the one above, that don't mesh with my personal opinions. Is that what you'd prefer? I guess it works for Rupert Murdoch. I'm certainly not saying we have handled these situations perfectly. I have admitted as much publicly and taken responsibility for the mistakes I have made. But suggesting we are responsible for the sensationalist headlines and poor journalism seen in the MSM is both inaccurate and illogical.

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