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Feb. 12, 2015, 10:58 p.m. -  NatBrown

#!markdown A quick survey of all comments in all four of the articles I mentioned above led me to find six comments specifically criticizing the articles or NSMB for lacking moderation, and none stating the converse. I presume yesterday's article you refer to is this one, which is included in the four articles I mentioned. Maybe my presumption is wrong? I do remember one such comment in one of the articles about the altercation on Fromme, maybe that's what's you recall. There's certainly been a lot of comments on these articles lately, so I don't expect you to have mine in the front of your mind, or even look it up. Here's the relevant part of the comment I posted to the saboteur's husband article: ----- Anyway, it's great to have a little insight into these folks at last. While I don't wish them ill, I certainly wish they'd grow the fuck up and work on their understanding of the world a little bit. I mean really, ooh, you find too many people park in front of your house on an intermittent basis. Let's start a letter writing campaign with Amnesty International to try to right this profound violation of their human rights. The point about MTBers winning out over residents on their bullshit parking issue because the bike industry would provide more taxes to the municipality than residents - wrong. The point that there used to be lots of wildlife before MTB - wrong. Brochures published describing the fun of destroying nature - Bat. Shit. Crazy. And focussing on the article in the province: She has to jump for safety? At 5am, January 4 on those trails? Bullshit. Making a mountain out of a molehill? She's not being charged with attempted murder. There's nothing about her being charged with mischief that doesn't feel like a perfect fit to me. Setting a trap either. What I think is disingenuous is Ronald's assertion that he thinks most MTBers are nice and only a minority are idiots (like those terms are incompatible anyway). So they're going out and destroying the fun for everyone who rides those trails just because a minority are idiots. He's just trying to make himself seem reasonable in the press. And that, I think, is what Tineke is all out of shape about. (If it were the unreasonable comments on the web, I think Ronald would have used that against MTBers in the province article.) Quite a few people are going to think she's nasty, vindictive, petty, and/or stupid. Insofar as acting this way, she almost certainly is and will lose considerable respect in her community over it. As someone who has done perhaps more than his share of stupid, regrettable things, I suggest she harden up and take some responsibility. Cowering at home is a display of character that competes with her sabotage for being what I hope are her worst qualities as a human. No one decent wants a pound of flesh, just that she stops this antisocial behaviour. -----

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