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Feb. 16, 2015, 10:32 p.m. -  BLS

#!markdown Im 5'8″ first thing in the morning, and this bike is huge for me. The handlebars come up to my ribs and its difficult to stand over. I personally super appreciate the the 90mm head tube to really bear down on the front. I run a new 36 at 160mm travel, so you can imagine the axle-to-crown on a fork like that is getting into 26″ DH territory (567mm for my 36, a 26″ fox 40 is 571mm), so I run the stem flipped with only a 10mm spacer on the bottom (low). I don't have long legs and arms to leverage a bike around for things like manuals, but i find the bike super maneuverable. Very confident in the air, and tight cornering is only a matter of technique and line choice. Sure hasn't slowed me down yet.

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