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Feb. 25, 2015, 7:16 a.m. -  t.odd

#!markdown The bigger question/issue that Seb dances around here, but that we've chatted about, is the idea that there is any value in 'likes' of this nature, at all, or that is there really any true 'engagement', other than what the media/pr hacks want to portray there is. So many 'athletes' or 'models', take a random unrelated pictures and feel the need to list off multitudes of @sponsors and #sponsorrelatedhashtags, but does anyone actually notice and digest that info? and, does it really drive marketing to those brands? I'd argue, no, personally, that most 'likes' are pervy people looking for tight buns, or just people liking a cool shot, it has very little actual value to sponsors, but then again, maybe that's just my opinion, man.

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