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Feb. 26, 2015, 12:37 a.m. -  Tallboy

#!markdown Hey Dan, I think the point of this debate is that there is not space for both real athletes and so called athlete models to live in some harmonious coexistence - each of these groups is vying for resource and that's why this debate is taking place. Look a lot of World Cup champions and racers are either studying or working in the off season (coaching is a common one ) I'm not hating on Hannah Barnes for a second, but to lump her in with Matt Hunter is a dreadful analogy. One rider is world class in what he does and has a wide background in the filming process, while the other rider is not a world class racer; she's admitted this herself - she's not a top 20 EWS rider, maybe one day she will be, I hope she can be - however the rider who performs better than her on the enduro circuit is entitled to rightfully ask what they need to do to get a deal with Specialized etc.

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