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Feb. 16, 2017, 11:13 a.m. -  Morgan Taylor

#!markdown In that case you get a really rad drop bar bike with disc brakes, hydraulic if you like, whatever tires you want from 650b rando tires to 27.5 mountain bike tires to 700c road/touring tires and 29″ mountain bike tires. A truly front- of-the-wave bike that does way more than the bikes of only a few years ago. And in the mountain bike you get something that covers the categories most people consider adventure / xc and certainly slower speed technical descending, but the reality is DH and AM/Enduro imply a different speed/pace of riding technical terrain and most would not consider a hardtail appropriate for that kind of riding. Personally I'm really into both of these categories of bikes right now, but where the drop bar bike is forward-thinking, the hardtail / rigid mountain bike is a legacy / enthusiast / slower speed fun bike with modern brakes and drivetrain.

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