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March 12, 2015, 10:23 a.m. -  Oregontrailape

#!markdown I got me a Precept, not the DL, which has even cheaper brakes and suspension. Glad I sized up to XL (I'm 6'2). This is a great XC bike for me, I have a big bike, but this one will see the big rides. I love the geo of this bike, the Process geo in my opinion is way too long, I hate it. The fact that the reach is so much shorter on this bike is the main reason I got it over the process. I have put time on all sizes and models of process that could fit me, and never found one that was comfortable enough. I feel like the seat is just way too far over the back end on the process lineup, especially on the 153. I love that this bike is fun and versatile. I can jump it, climb it, tow a trailer, it fits me, the suspension works (and bottoms), the tektro brakes actually work (apparently better than the shimanos), it was cheap, it has a threaded b.b., it has stealth dropper routing, it rolls fast, it exhibits good handling traits……. I could go on.

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