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Feb. 28, 2024, 10:59 p.m. -  MTB_THETOWN

In around 2005 I got a stumpjumper and my dad got a 575. A few years later he broke his collarbone and decided to stick to road since he's a klutz and he passed me the 575 and i gave the stumpjumperto a friend (although last fall he and a friend rode into each other on road bikes and he broke the other collarbone). I should have kept the stumpjumper, it ride much better, but I was sucked in by the yeti allure.  In around 2017 i got a felt decree with a flex stay. It was such a huge upgrade from the 12 year old 575 I loved it. But I quickly moved on to a Transition Patrol with a horst link. It rode better in every way, up or down, even though it was much heavier. Recently I rode a few laps on a friend's spur and came away unimpressed. It just felt harsh. I got myself a rocky mountain element and love how much more plush it rides. I still strongly prefer a horst link.

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