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Feb. 17, 2024, 11 a.m. -  AndrewR

I went the other way as despite loving everything about the HT T2 (extra release tension, defined release zone, light, colours ) I just could not tolerate the extremely short service intervals as the grease would just not stay in/ on the axle. They required a re-build half way through a four day Chilcotin tour which is hardly a reassuring sight for guests that the guide needs to re-build his bike half way through their trip. This meant carrying a small tube of grease and the slim fit nut socket, as well as an extra clean rag and then having to do one more chore in camp in addition to keeping guests' bikes running (no offence but some people have no idea about basic bike maintenance!!). Whilst I understand that the constant wet-dry, with stream crossings and the powdered lava ash, are a challenge to all mechanical parts of the bike (who knew that pedal springs could get so dry that they don't want to release the cleat?). I find that Crankbrothers are easier to maintain (including availability of parts and cleats), don't dry out and jam, the grease stays on the axles for 1500 km, you can tune the non-clip in grip through the pins and you still get a choice of three colours!! Yes the cleats wear quickly, especially on hike-a-bike/ guiding shoes, and a rock hit on the underside can pop your cleat out, but the cleats are a cost of running the system which seems pretty bomber in the long run.

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