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Feb. 15, 2024, 8:10 a.m. -  mutton

Thanks for the review. I had been looking forward to this. I run two sets of T1s and a pair of T2's on my three bikes. The T2s were introduced in 2022 and are the new version of the T1's. My left ankle is a tad gimpy and wants to supinate under load so I like the firm release mechanism. I run the X1F cleat on my left shoe only. The pedals definitely need extra love - regular grease and tensioning of the spindle nut.  I find it a big bummer that HT doesn't seem to have any customer support in the US. T2 rebuild kits are not available and I have spent weeks trying to get hold of someone. A guy Cam@HT sent me a couple emails and then went dark last week after offering to help. My LBS was able to inform me yday that the rebuild kit is unavailable until 5/1/24.  This lack of customer support / information is a red flag imo. With one pair of pedals not safe to ride - I'm in a pickle

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