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Jan. 10, 2017, 12:44 p.m. -  Esteban

#!markdown Yes, but why? I seriously fail to see why they're banned, or not allowed, on most trails (as per the comments). Are their motors so powerful that there is fear they'd shred the trails? Do they leak lithium and cause pollution? They're so fast that they'd cause lots of accidents with slower moving vehicles (regular mtbs)? It seems to me very clear they're not motorcycles in the traditional sence, because size and power output. "Pedal assist" seems the more accurate definitionā€¦ Why wouldn't they be accepted on regular trails? Is it personal pride? I'd have no problem if some fat guy overtook me climbing a mountain on his shiny eMTB, why would I? Good for him! He's enjoying something that otherwise would be inaccesible to him, I think. Just a couple of days ago I saw for the first time those Specialized Levos on the storeā€¦ They're ugly, big beasts, but by no means they're motocross! I've yet so see a single coherent argument against eMTBs in regular trails!

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