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Nov. 16, 2023, 2:01 p.m. -  Andeh

Not trying to be a dick, but the MIPS C2 mentioned in this helmet isn't listed on the MIPS Product Range.  When I was helmet shopping a couple months ago (after getting a "minor" concussion), I looked on the same MIPS webpage to try and narrow down what brands made helmets using the Integra Split system, and of course they don't have that information.  And furthermore, the ball-in-socket setup is called Spherical by Giro but Integra Split by Fox, so if you search for Integra Split you won't see, for example, a Giro Insurgent.  Is this MIPS/the helmet companies' fault?  Yes. I'd push back on the statement that they all do the same thing.  Some of the of the various flavors are going to be better than others at rotational or oblique impacts (they even say this in the descriptions).  But unfortunately neither MIPS nor any of the other companies with their own systems (Leatt, 6D, etc.) make any data available as to how much better or worse they are than competition, and Virginia Tech's results only include a handful of less common full face helmets (and only break down by high and low energy).  So we as consumers have to make judgement calls as to whether or not we think that one system plausibly might provide more protection than others.  Anyways, I realize I'm kind of venting.  It's frustrating trying to pick out a helmet when you're specifically trying to minimize concussion risk given how little info is provided by the industry.

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