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Nov. 14, 2023, 6:29 a.m. -  BadNudes

Andrew, you have to try it, especially for your commuter or cargo bike! For me, the feeling of revelation on my first ride was on the same level as my first ride with a dropper post. No joke. It's so nice, I'm especially enjoying it now thanks to daylight cravings time. Never having to remember to charge, to grab them on the way out, to bring them in from the cold garage, or even to just spend the few seconds it takes to strap lights on, just get on an go. My system is basically the cheapest available through LBS. This Shimano hub only outputs 1.5W but the lights are still plenty bright for offroad use when paired with a conventional-battery helmet light. The slow technical downhill strobing might be less offensive with a typical 3W hub, and the lights would be much brighter, but the light bushtrucker mentions might be the best solution. One thing I'm very impressed with is the beam pattern, even with the cheap headlight I have. It's like the low power constraint forced them to really make the most of it with fancy curved mirrors and other magic. I can't believe similar lenses aren't more common on high powered battery lights.

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