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Nov. 11, 2023, 7:16 p.m. -  MTB_THETOWN

I have always worn watches, and about a year ago got a Garmin Fenix 6 base model, no maps although it does track rides. I got it like 60+% off when outside closed it's retail shop. I wore a regular watch forever, and had a little Samsung gear watch for a bit before getting the Fenix. I absolutely love it, although I recognize it's a bit silly. I also still ride with a Garmin 520 in the bars so I can more easily read stats while riding, as I found looking at the watch is a little inconvenient. The HR is not as accurate as the strap. I love it for everyday use though, and stopped wearing a heart strap on rides even though the watch is less accurate. I do wish the watch and 520 paired so I could see the watch hr on the bike computer.  I want to upgrade to the epix 2 with mapping and a better screen/touch screen, but I really can't justify it for the cost. I think a touch screen would be nice for maps, as even the maps on the 520 are pretty hard to use for actual navigation. When I'm lost I usually just pull out the phone for a better map anyways. Basically, I like watches, I really like my Garmin watch, and the gear head in me wants the fanciest one even though I'm totally fine with what I've got.

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