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Nov. 8, 2023, 10:39 a.m. -  kekoa

My five year old Suunto started goving funky HR readings earlier this year. Ended up sending it back to Finland and after some tinkering they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Can’t say I was thrilled with the process, and it took a month and I had to borrow a watch from Monkey \#1.  Ended up loaning it to Monkey \#2 who could wear it as a belt. Looked at this watch for a replacement but ended up getting the slightly smaller Suunto Peak Pro. I like the smaller form factor on my tiny wrists and the round face. That was my biggest criticism of my Apple Watch.  I haven’t had the wrist issues that Deniz had, because smaller watch and smaller wrist. But the firmware fun is real. I’m probably used to it so I  don’t realize how clunky it is until I play with my GFS ultra. I replaced the Suunto HR strap with a cheaper Wahoo strap off of Amazon and it works so much better, so when I’m riding I have the watch on the handlebar. Sleep mode equally cracks me up and annoys me, as I’ll be up for a while and the watch tells me I’m awake and it stays on so o can’t get a quick glance at the time to see if we’re on track to get out the door and beat the early morning HNL traffic  Pro-tip: take the watch off in the shower and the HR sensor does a cool job of illuminating the water droplets   I’ve worn the previous watch for five years of hikes, bike rides, gym sessions, walks and occasionally getting in the ocean.  didn’t baby it at all, even wore it while digging a water pipe trench. So hopefully that durability carries over to the new one as well   Having said that, I really like the app. I enjoying the ability to dig into my rides or hikes and compare them. That surprised me how much I enjoyed it. For me, that was the reason for purchasing a second Suunto.  And I also like having something that’s not too common. I’m silly like that.

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