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Nov. 6, 2023, 9:08 p.m. -  Andrew Major

If you get a chance to try the Trail insert I'd be keen to hear your feedback. I ran the XC inserts for quite a while playing with different lighter-weight setups. Both out of personal curiosity and because I wanted to write something about bicycle weight. []( []( The Trail insert does split the difference between the XC and Pro some, but it doesn't have the straight-line punching through stuff volume (and tire ramp) of the Pro. Where Trail is much superior, in my book, compared to XC is in the additional cornering support. It's rad.  Anyways, as I said about E-MTB versus Pro,and  when it comes to Trail versus XC '"An obvious improvement" doesn't render past products unrideable or even suggest the necessity of an upgrade.' I'd personally run an XC insert before I'd run 'nude' tires for any mountain bike application, but I think most folks who try both will pay the weight penalty for the Trail on a 2.4"+ tire.  I haven't run any setup, other than CC-Gravel, with tires narrower than 2.4" and rims narrower than i26mm so I can't comment on smaller tires/rims.

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