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Sept. 19, 2023, 2:31 a.m. -  geno

Great article, appreciated! One question: What material is the shaft made of? I ask because I have had two MRP Hazzards (trunnion mount) which failed both within < 3 months. The first one (black anodized aluminium shaft) began to squeak and seized due to a failure of an internal seal. Then I got a replacement which had a shaft made from stainless steel with a somewhat rough finish. I was told this "custom hand polish" would carry a bit of oil to make the shock even more plush (no joke). Due to being quite soft, the shaft was showing wear marks quickly, but I was told this would be no problem. Which it indeed wasn't, until a serious amount of oild leaked out of the shock. This was the point for me to say goodbye to MRP. Btw: Running a SR Suntour TriAir for 1,5 years now which is running flawlessly and performing great.

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