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Sept. 14, 2023, 9:39 p.m. -  BarryW

Great review Cam (and Trevor!). I ride clips so composite really isn't in the options. But my wife rides flats and right now is on these:[Entity PP20 Flats]( and she really loves the grip, probably similar to these. I am torn though on once these wear out. Should I go the 'investment' route and get something like a Wolftooth Waveform that I can rebuild forever for her? Or just get the next composite pedal for a 1/4 the price and it'll likely last until we're done riding? (Assuming rebuilding/servicing as required.) I really like items to be long lasting, and serviced to increase their life, and plastic is fairly high on my list of 'things I want to reduce in my life'. But based on Cams review and the long thru-pin design I'm not sure these could be incredibly long lasting for a lot less coin. @AndrewMajor? Discounting any bling factor, which is for sure higher with alloy pedals, why would a rider choose to not ruin a good composite pedal? And how long of a lifespan would these last any one of us? For my wife I would guess a decade before she wanted to upgrade just based on liking ragged, not likely being and whose in the function department. But she's a gentle rider and not a real hard charger. Her bike is worn from crashing, not riding  ;-) But she's still happy to go riding so I'm a lucky man!

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