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Sept. 13, 2023, 4:55 p.m. -  Mike Ferrentino

"Never say never." I am happily old fashioned enough to want to keep my mountain biking electron free for now. That extends to shifting as well. Maybe it is because I get to ride dirt bikes (which I treat sort of like eating foie gras - best only done on occasion and even then savored with the knowledge that this is a very wrong thing), but I am comfortable with the suffering and the slow decaying of my speed and abilities. But talk to me again after a knee surgery, or a hip replacement, or a heart attack. By that point I might be ready to change my tune. The difference here between my viewpoint and some others is that I don't really see good guys or bad guys in this. I don't really see emtb as that much more of a sullying of the natural act than mountain biking itself when compared to hiking around barefoot, if you get my drift. Any attempt by any faction to parse themselves as somehow more pure, more virtuous, or more righteous, gah. I dunno. From 30,000' we all look like ants hell bent on eating our own shit.

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