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Sept. 13, 2023, 3:35 p.m. -  Adrian Bostock

one of our trail networks is largely dual direction trails with a small handful of downhill oriented trails.  e-bikes riding up the downhill trails happens regularly in the spring when we get out of towners coming in for the snow free trails. is it an issue?, probably. I sure get a lot of email about it.  analog bikes do ride up expresso. again, an issue, maybe, probably depends on the time of day.  your car analogy is fairly succinct. the car lobby drove the policy on public land and we now have terrible un friendly infrastructure that requires people to own cars and nearly bankrupt citys because if it. there are a pile of studies on the is you can google.  now we are repeating that with letting manufacturers dictate public land use for recreation. I don’t know where it’s going to go, but the examples we have are not great. governments tend not be be very nuanced when they ban things. all bikes get lumped together. which to me is the big issue with e-bikes being labeled non motorized. I get a lot of questions from non cyclist about this. trying to explain to them what is and is not permitted always ends in the same response. “ that’s dumb, they either have motors or they do not.” let not even try to draw comparisons to the federal liberfailed attempt at update the canadian gun laws… I mean, that went well.  I do get a kick of the kids riding full throttle ebikes, ripping around the sidewalks and roads in urban areas. no insurance no helmet, no cares. reminds me of growing up in the sticks and my friend with motos doing similar things.  though these days no parent would let their kid rip down a public road on a moto with out a helmet. but it’s an ebike so it’s all good.

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