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Sept. 13, 2023, 7:25 a.m. -  Lu Kz

Nice to see my neck of the woods featured here, especially in such a positive light. Glad you got the new trail when fresh  - I think it'll be a fundamentally different trail experience before and after a full season, and it's a real privilege to be able to get that comparison in.  The addition of the Morrisey network in general has really made the whole area much more robust - it's starting to feel like a MTB town rather than a crummy tourist village with a great bike park attached. You do see a ton of ebikes on the Morrisey side, which I guess makes sense. But the climb trail is so well built, I don't feel the need myself. There's a ton of climb trails out there that can't walk the fine balance of "gets me where I want to go but isn't too steep" - the Morrisey climb is perfect because it doesn't waste the rider's time while being an excellent grade. That's not to say there aren't areas up there where the range extended exploration function of an ebike wouldn't be welcome - but if you go, best be careful because unlike where you guys are used to, once you're away from the park, you're unlikely to find anyone who isn't a bear.* I've never ridden an ebike in the park. I can imagine the additional weight would make them quite the wild ride on some of the high speed, straight line classics like Barn Burner, DH, or Mach would be like. Maybe not the 'Cruz, but the 'full power' version.  *I once spooked two back country hikers on the last weekend of October who hiked up the back side and were camped at an Alpine lake - needless to say we were all surprised someone was out that late and far up!

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