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Sept. 12, 2023, 7:44 p.m. -  Onawalk

Oh man, this hits deep. Couple friends and I bought an old Rocky RM-7, with the intention of building it back up, and trying to host a "freeride" race.  Life has gotten in the way recently, but I have been meaning to get back to building it up.  Its not a little bike, but it is "period" correct for a 2001 RM-7, complete with Hayes brakes, and Marzocchi triple clamp.  None of it works well, and the angles, and bb height are on the verge of terrifying compared to my Spire.  But I hadnt had as much fun (while being terrified) as going out on a group ride with 30 or so groms, trying my hardest to keeps up. The HA on the damn thing is steeper than my buddies XC bike, what on earth were we thinking?

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