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Sept. 9, 2023, 9:09 p.m. -  cheapondirt

This is my 2001 Brodie Evolution with no sentimental value (just got ahold of it a couple years ago) and a parts bin build intended for pump track use. ![2001 Brodie Evolution]( It turns out the fork is busted and the geometry sucks underforked anyway, and I ran out of enthusiasm to find or spend on another fork, and I really lost interest in the pump track... so what I'm left with is a grocery getter. But, here's the dumb thing, I can't even bring myself to ride it to the grocery store because it _will_ get stolen. At an intellectual level, I realize its theft wouldn't affect me. I'm not riding it, I don't need it, there is no resale value. Yet I'm not willing to just give it to the first substance addict passing by after I go inside that grocery store in downtown Chilliwack. I mean, that's one of the last stems Straitline sold! And a Mag 30, and a pair of DMR Vaults, and a saddle I happen to like! What do you really do with a bike like that?

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