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Sept. 7, 2023, 10:34 p.m. -  Bli33ard

For anything that might be of value Ebay is your best bet I think, not swap meet vultures. Oh, there could be gold in that Tupperware bin of old parts to be sure, if you can find the target audience. The rest should be donated or binned, they're not worth the 20-minute stories some old bastards have to yammer on about, never mind money. Yes, no matter how well machined one of those old block stems are I don't think they're worth much because they were just as stupid then as they are now, except maybe to loop a chain through to pull an engine. Sometimes I find things I didn't know I had then I know why I kept it, priceless! To me at least... And don't knock 26" wheels, at no time did I ever say "I think I need bigger wheels" in 40 years. (Well maybe next year.)

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